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[audio]Messian Dread - Showcase (Full Album) - Messian Dread
This is a Lo-Fi MP3 of the Messian Dread album "Showcase", requested by and recorded for the STAR RECORDINGS label. The difference between the album and this long MP3 are that the tracks are mixed non-stop, and the last track is cut short because of file limitations on VERSIONIST.com The album can be bought on the Dubroom Star Selections webstore, on CD BABY and digital downloads are available on I-Tunes...
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Discomix; Messian Dread; Dub; Dubwise
Downloads: 905
[audio]Messian Dread - Maranatha Discomix (Official Video, 2009) - Messian Dread
WWW, March 2009 - It's not just the tune with some pictures, it's Messian Dread's very first Music Video, produced in the Dubroom Studio ofcourse. "Maranatha" is a cry to the Lord God JAH: "Please Come Again"! In the video, we're taken throughout the last 500 years of history wherein Babylon has been brutalizing the people in so many ways. We see video recordings from police brutality and army soldiers in Iraq, but we also see signs of the Hope and it's not Obama, who is also shortly featured...
Keywords: messian dread; video; dub; reggae; discomix
Downloads: 126
[movies]Messian Dread - DUB Soundcheck in Dubroom Studio (2004) - Messian Dread
This is a video recording of an original DUB Sound Check session in which Messian Dread makes a DUBWISE mix straight out of a four track multitrack recorder by using his mixing board and effects. For those who allways wanted to know just how a DUBWISE tune is created in the studio, this video... The music and pictures do not run synchrone, but hey, it's one of the few video's where you can actually see someone mixing it uo in DUBWISE, one whole track long...
Downloads: 2,822
[audio]Messian Dread and Vicious Vic - JAH Glory (Remastered 2008) - Messian Dread
The first mix of this collaboration between German based bass player Vicious Vic and Messian Dread is a true classic. It has been released on Roots Of Dub Funk One (CD and Vinyl), and even received interesting airplay at the BBC! Originally created in the previous century, the first mix was remastered in 2008 with the result of a little louder, fatter sound.
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 164
[audio]messian_dread_-_consider_i_discomix_2007 - Messian Dread
This is the 5th track of the album "Showcase". "Consider I" is a heartical prayer to Jah. A prayer that naturally follows the lyrics of "Yesus Messiah". Starting of with a few lines of Dub, in which it becomes clear that this one is faster and more danceable than the previous one (of the album). At a certain moment, the horns starts playing a theme and the singing begins. During the vocal part, there's some Dub style mixing going on as well, but not too much...
Keywords: messian dread
Downloads: 345
[audio]Messian Dread - A Who Train The Base? - Messian Dread
Some build on the Rock, and some build on the sand. It's all about foundation, or: The Base. To be more specific: about a group who call themselves "The Base". We know them better under their Arabic name Al Qaida. This group is said to be led by a guy called Osama Bin Laden and is generally considered to be responsible for the terrible events at September 11, 2001 as well as a lot of other terrorist activities...
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 511
[audio]Crazy Conehead/Nephilim Stronghold (2009) - Messian Dread
Two DUB tracks centered around the theme of the Nephilim: the unholy offspring of angelic beings who made children with the daughters of men. All of this is mentioned in books like the Bible, the Kebra Negast and the Book of Enoch. Skulls and bones of the Nephilim have been found everywhere, too. CRAZY CONEHEAD is a massive One Drop tune with a solid bassline and effects that take you from one vibe into the next instantly, earthquake style...
Keywords: messian dread, dubroom
Downloads: 749
[audio]Messian Dread - DUB In The Valley (2008) - Messian Dread
More Hard Steppers coming your way! A typical Roots Rockers Drum with a heavy Bass Line take us through 3 minutes and 40 seconds of pure DUB. In this DUB, we enter into the realms of madness as the life force of the Drum and Bass take us into that deep, deep valley where the narrow Path is often hard to see... It's no fun in this valley, as the shadows are all around I and I. The living dead are everywhere, but I and I shall fear no evil!
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 375
[audio]Steppin' Dubs (Two Track Release, 2008) - Messian Dread
In the "Sugar and Spice" tradition, this release contains two steppers tunes, each one with their own specific vibe. From an upfull Dub of Ireness, we go over to a much more militant and solid tune in almost eight minutes of Dub Niceness. 1. LOVER DUB Lover Dub starts off rather joyful, only to get into some serious Dub mixing after just a few seconds. As the drum and bass play an upfull line, taking a break every now and then, all kinds of instruments and effects are taken to their limit...
Keywords: messian dread, dubroom
Downloads: 3,630
[audio]Dub Inna This Time (2009) - Messian Dread
You could call this a very personal tune, as a lot of emotions are put in the mix. Dub Inna This Time was dubbed in October 2009, on a riddim which had been created months before. The time between creating the riddim and dubbing it was an uncertain period, but it's closed now with this Steppers rhythm. Enjoy!
Keywords: messian dread,dubroom,dub,reggae
Downloads: 1,776
[audio]Messian Dread - Vibration DUB/DUB Creation (2009) - Messian Dread
Two massive and thunderous One Drop riddims, two deep and spaced-out DUB mixes. As the expansion of the Dubroom Studio begins to pay off, the tunes contain real percussion and guitar play on top of much more effects than before. VIBRATION DUB starts off with an introduction roll and some spaced out echo's on the horns: the vibration is deep and will only lead to deeper DUB... DUB CREATION is the necessary follow-up of Vibration Dub: the tempo is faster, even more percussion is added and the Spac...
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 1,317
[audio]Messian Dread - Thunder and Lightning (Two Track Single Release 2010) - Messian Dread
WWW,  August 2010 - Two brand new original thunderous Messian Dread steppers rhythms, mixed in a kind of wild style with lots of bass and phased echoings: Thunder and Lightning fe true! Best played on a Hi-Fi set with lots of bass, preferably even with a subwoofer, these two Messian Dread mixes are obviously made for a time like this. A time, wherein it is always good to be remembered of that fact that JAH is there, because He is the Creator...
Keywords: messian dread,dub,reggae,dubroom
Downloads: 327
[audio]Messian Dread - Dubbing (Net Album, 2010) - Messian Dread
WWW, August 2010 - Fifteen previously unreleased Dubs straight from the Dubroom Archives, most of which come from even previously unreleased riddims: It's called "Dubbing" and it's out there now! Dubbing it is: from the top to the very last drop. Most of the tracks are previously unreleased riddims, with the exception of two or three, one of which even has a totally different drumline put to it than the one in which it was originally released...
Keywords: messian dread,dub,reggae,dubroom
Downloads: 614
[audio]Messian Dread - Dubbin' De Serpents Out Of Town (2008) - Messian Dread
On a number of occasions, the hard stepping Drum and Bass line are in direct contact with some pretty weird echo's sounding like cutting swords in the seed of the serpent. The Sword of the Sprit pictured in militant DUB Style, on a Steppers Riddim with standard instrumentation and a penetrating siren as I and I Dub de serpents out of town!
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 350
[audio]Messian Dread - Babylon Observer 2008 (2 Track Net EP) - Messian Dread
The last Dubroom release of the year 2008 is livicated to the Babylon Observer, one of the Dubroom's Research Projects documenting the coming fall of Babylon Shitstem. The music is militant, based on a classic Jamaican Reggae riddim, however this is completely in Messian Dread style. Two mixes, the first one having a slightly slower speed (135 BpM) than the second (139 BpM) one. Could have something to do with the individual titles of the two different mixes, who knows?
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 785
[audio]Messian Dread - DUB In 4D (2008) - Messian Dread
This hard steppers track breaks through the 4th dimension with excessive use of the echo device. As the drum and bass play a more-than-solid line, the tempo of the delay keeps changing. DUB In 4D plays as much with time (the fourth dimension) as it plays with the music. It's best enjoyed when played at maximum volume!
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 1,376
[audio]Messian Dread - DUB IN The Belly Of The Beast (2008) - Messian Dread
As the echo's turn everything up and down, it's clear that the Beast finds it kind of hard to swallow this riddim. A hard stepping drum and bass line make sure that Babylon feels dis ya one, once more!
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 314
[audio]Messian Dread - A Cultural DUB (2008) - Messian Dread
This four-minute track combines a relaxed atmosphere with some rather intense DUB mixing as all kinds of effects are applied over an Ire riddim. The tune is a celebration to the fact that DUB Music started in Jamaica and has become the source of inspiration for just about every self-respecting producer of contemporary electronic music.
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 613
[audio]Messian Dread - DUB In 4D - Messian Dread
This hard steppers track breaks through the 4th dimension with excessive use of the echo device. As the drum and bass play a more-than-solid line, the tempo of the delay keeps changing. DUB In 4D plays as much with time (the fourth dimension) as it plays with the music. It's best enjoyed when played at maximum volume!
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 263
[audio]Reasonings In Dub (16 Track Net Album, 2006) - Messian Dread
Just like "Apocalypse Then", the music for this album was created throughout the year 2006, and is released in december of the same year. And it's an album centered around a theme, too. You could say, that "Reasonings In Dub" takes off where "Apocalypse Then" left us. The Dub mixing is more intense, loads of vocals everywhere, and there's a larger variety of different styles.   The big difference with "Apocalypse Then" however, is that all of the sixteen tracks on this collection come with voca...
Keywords: Dubwise, Reggae, Roots
Downloads: 23,318
[audio]Messian Dread - DUB It In The One Drop (2008) - Messian Dread
A solid, pumping Drum and Bass Line stands at the foundation for this journey into the next dimension of DUB Effects. Sometimes, we can hear three layers of effects on top of other effects, where almost no button is left untouched in what becomes an ever more complicating Studio Set-Up here in the Dubroom. An experiment, yes it is: but not an experiment that cannot be enjoyed by the lovers of (DUB) Reggae Music...
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 414
[audio]messian_dread_-_a_case_of_culture_-_net_single_2009 - Messian Dread
This Steppers DUB track starts with and contains some crucial percussion. The Drum and Bass are massive, and the echo machines don't rest. Not even when all the instruments drop and the percussion only comes through via a heavy phaser. Too technical? Possible. In the case of DUB, one can speak about a technique, an Art, and a Culture even. A Culture where technique and Art are interchangeable, where technique is applied to express the soul...
Keywords: dubroom; messian dread; dub; reggae
Downloads: 757
[audio]Messian Dread - DUB Is Not A Joke (2 Track EP, 2008) - Messian Dread
Not a laughing matter, even though some may do. Seven minutes, two DUB mixes of what can only be a serious riddim. So serious, that the first mix has several sound clips of George W. Bush making fun of the fact that no WMD's were found in Iraq, where he talks down on what he calls "conspiracy theories" in another clip. Serious, as the DUB Effects in the second mix show to the ear. Especially with some subwoofer able to produce really low sound, this DUB will come to it's full power.
Keywords: messian dread; dubroom
Downloads: 802
[audio]Messian Dread - Church State System EP (2008) - Messian Dread
A militant, foundational Steppers drum and a typical Messian Dread bassline carry a message where Pastor, President, Soldier and Terrorist are identified as all working for the very same system. The title comes in four different mixes, each one with their own specific vibe and purpose: DISCOMIX This is a classic Reggae mix, with the vocal part followed by a DUB echoing the first half of the mix. DUB 'N' DISCOMIX A Messian Dread concept, where in the vocal part is preceded and followed by a DUB p...
Keywords: messian dread, dubroom
Downloads: 713
[audio]Messian Dread - From Messian Dread With DUB (5 Track EP) - Messian Dread
Five heavyweight DUB mixes straight from the Dubroom Studio! Four riddims have also been released as Discomixes, and one is a heavier DUB from a riddim that featured on "Apocalypse Then". Track 1: Dub From Galilee A Cool and Dreadly Drum and Bassline form the foundation for this opening track. Lion roaring, Vocal parts, a few jingles here and there and long, long echo's form just a few ingredients...
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Dubmix; Messian Dread; Dub; Dubwise
Downloads: 10,556
[audio]Messian Dread - Apocalypse Then (15 Track Album, 2006) - Messian Dread
Fifteen DUB shots, all created in the year 2006. Centered around the theme of supressed history and ancient enigma's, the titles tell a story of the past that may very well be repeated in our life times. The music is in a wide variety of styles ranging from militant steppers to cool and dreadly riddims, from up-tempo two drops to down-tempo one drops.
Keywords: Dubwise
Downloads: 25,251
[audio]Messian Dread - From Dubroom Archives Three (2005) - Messian Dread
Album Description Follows
Keywords: Reggae; Dubwise; DUB; DigiDUB; CompuDUB; Hardcore DUB
Downloads: 27,888
[audio]Messian Dread - Hardcore DUB Sessions (2004) - Messian Dread
ALBUM DESCRIPTION: Originally, the riddims for this albums are created for a live concert. They have been remixed in the Dubroom studio. Every track from this sesssion is a little bit faster then the previous one. Hardcore Dub is a name of a special style Messian Dread developed in 1994, ten years after the proverbial 1984. It is a very militant style with up-tempo steppers and energetic drums as well as very enigmatic chord progressions...
Keywords: Reggae; Dubwise; DUB; DigiDUB; Hardcore DUB; Messian Dread; Dubroom
Downloads: 16,711
[audio]Messian Dread Internet Collection 1997-2004 - Messian Dread
MESSIAN DREAD INTERNET RELEASES 1997-2004 The collection on this page contains most of Messian Dread's releases from 1997 to 2004. Much of this music has been hosted on the MP3.com website, where they dominated the Reggae download charts consitently for years. In the meantime, Messian Dread has released much more material than the material you can find on this page. Just CLICK HERE to find it all. ------------------------------------- Discography for this page: Messian Dread One From Dubroom Arc...
Keywords: Reggae; Dubwise; Roots; DUB; DigiDUB; CompuDUB; UK DUB; Hardcore DUB
Downloads: 133,953
[audio]Messian Dread - DUB Down De Dragon (2006 Net Single) - Messian Dread
The dragon will be cast out, trampled upon and slain by the Most High JAH!!!!!!!! Rastafari. As he goes around, seeking who he can devour, destroying JAH creation, he can't find no rest and he won't find no rest. Not even after he is thrown in the bottomless pit. This one celebrates the victory of JAH over the old dragon satan and lucifer.  Four minutes and four seconds of pure militancy in DUB: sharp chords and echo's, hard stepping drums and a powerfull bassline...
Keywords: Reggae; Dubwise; DUB; DigiDUB; Hardcore DUB; Messian Dread; Dubroom
Downloads: 1,361
[audio]Messian Dread - Enter The Dub Zone (2007 Net Single) - Messian Dread
Creating a new set of music in the Dubroom Studio involves a lot of work and a lot of time. Months will pass, before some substantial material is produced. Here's how it works. A basic riddim is constructed and a basic Dub is mixed to see if there's some vibe in the tune. This is done about 50 times before they're voiced and worked on to a deeper level. So yes, that takes a year. This track is such a riddim...
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Dubmix; Messian Dread; Dub; Dubwise
Downloads: 2,825
[audio]Messian Dread - Psychotronix (2006 Net Single) - Messian Dread
Containing some authentic samples from an internal government instruction movie how to manipulate the people into "serving their government", this original Messian Dread Hardcore Dub is another DUB statement against Babylon System and for Free Thinking! The tempo is up, the drum and bass are militant and the mixing is heavy as not a single moment goes without one or another effect. This track can be downloaded as MP3 file, but also a copy of the original WAV-master (true CD quality) is available...
Keywords: Reggae; Dubwise; DUB; DigiDUB; Hardcore DUB; Messian Dread; Dubroom
Downloads: 4,351
[audio]Messian Dread - Straight To GFD's Head (2 Mix Net Single, 2005) - Messian Dread
In november 2005, online artist Ganja Fyah Dub challenged Messian Dread for a (friendly) Dub Duel on the Versionist.com website. Others joined in and the "World Dub War" was a fact. Inspired by the Ali Baba Riddim, this dubwise goes straight to GFD's head. An uncompromising blend of old skool and new skool DUB Techniques on a variation of the Ali Baba riddim wherein the drum and bass lay down some serious foundational sounds...
Keywords: Dubwise
Downloads: 1,171
[audio]Messian Dread - Rub A Dub Music, Rub A Dub Style (Discomix) (2007 Net Maxi Single) - Messian Dread
Another riddim that didn't make it to the Messian Dread album Showcase. This one celebrates Reggae Music and especially Rub A Dub, which could best be described as a certain style of Dancehall. But not the kind of Dancehall that sounds more like Hip Hop and usually celebrates violence, immorality and hard drugs. We see enough of that on MTV. It's a joyous tune, starting and ending with DUB parts while the middle contains the full vocal part...
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Discomix; Rub a dub
Downloads: 9,966
[audio]Messian Dread - His Fruits Ina We (2 Track Net Single) (2007) - Messian Dread
Time for some meditation with this easy One Drop track. Two different mixes, one of them carrying the full lyrics where the other one is mixed completely in DUB Style. The lyrics deal with the situation of the world today, and our response to that. See Also: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Discomix; Messian Dread; Dub; Dubwise
Downloads: 6,318
[audio]Messian Dread - In The Sight Of JAH (Discomix) (2007 Net Maxi Single) - Messian Dread
More music that didn't make it to my album "Showcase". This is an up-tempo steppers track, a traditional Rockers Reggae rhythm with full lyrics and DUB mixing, too. There's both singing and toasting in the first part, by the way. The lyrics contain long parts from Psalms 2 and 53, quoted in many Reggae lyrics because of their relevance concerning the situations in the world today.
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Discomix
Downloads: 1,665
[audio]Messian Dread - Spiritual Slavery (Discomix) (2007 Net Maxi Single) - Messian Dread
Time for some meditation besides the still waters with this relaxed One Drop riddim. Looking for peace, looking for rest. Trying to find it in these big buildings called "house of the lord"? No chance... So, checking back to the Scriptures. These are pointing out the Lord JAH Himself to find rest. The mix is long: almost 9 1/2 minutes. It starts of with a vocal part, goes over in DUB, back to vocals and ends with more Dub mixing...
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Discomix
Downloads: 2,497
[audio]Messian Dread - Your Favorite Gospels (4 Track Dub 'n' Discomix EP 2007) - Messian Dread
Although the theme and lyrics of this Four Track EP are rather serious, as the titles suggest there is a healthy dose of humor too. You could say, here we have an example of Serious Spiritual Satire. The music is up-tempo (186 BPM!), yet contains the relaxed atmosphere that typifies the Reggae Rhythm even in realms that reach the sound barriers. A riddim clearly inspired by early 1980's Black Uhuru material: especially a track called "Darkness" come to mind...
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Discomix; Rub a dub; Dub
Downloads: 25,291
[audio]Messian Dread - Roots And Culture (4 track Dub 'n' Discomix EP) (2007) - Messian Dread
This one has a Steppers Drums in a traditional Roots Rockers style, using a lot of different chords and some lyrics that celebrate Reggae Music. It's a big-up and a sign of respect to Jamaica as well, because it was there that Reggae Music originated from. Every mix has it's own touch and flavor, but especially the Cultural Dubmix is different as it has extra bass and a harder bassdrum, while the mix is ultra-long which obviously requires a different approach in the mixing...
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Discomix; Messian Dread; Dub; Dubwise
Downloads: 16,432
[audio]Messian Dread - Rockers Reasoning (2006 Net Single) - Messian Dread
This track is in many ways a try-out. It's a DUB based on a Rockers riddim, with some bouncing steppers and a cool bassline. Obviously inspired by the Revolutionairies and other late 70's Sly and Robbie material, the track is dancable and the dubbing is sharp.  It's part of a series of huge sessions, leading up to the release of the first Messian Dread album of which the tracks will not be released as MP3's...
Keywords: Reggae; DUB; Roots Rockers; dubroom
Downloads: 4,775
[audio]Messian Dread - Skunk In the Room (2005) - Messian Dread
This album contains 12 massive DUB tracks, all created in 2005. There's a big variety in the choice of riddims on this one. The album starts off with some heavy duty One Drop tracks, followed by a couple of catchy Rub A Dub tunes, and then goes over into Messian Dread's own particular heavy militant Hardcore Steppers DUB. The title of the album is taken from an article in which Messian Dread was being labeled as a "Skunk In The Room"...
Keywords: Reggae; Dubwise; DUB; DigiDUB; Hardcore DUB
Downloads: 31,700 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Messian Dread - Give Thanks (3 Track Dub 'n' Discomix EP 2007) - Messian Dread
Giving thanks can be done in many different ways. In this case, three. Three different mixes of the same steppers riddim, from some heavy Dubbing to full vocal parts. The music is down-tempo, but because there's so much happening in the rhythm the feel is actually very lively. There is singing as well as toasting. The lyrics are all about worshipping JAH and proclaiming His Authority over all there is.
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Discomix; Messian Dread; Dub; Dubwise
Downloads: 12,244
[audio]Messian Dread - Maranatha (4 Track Dub 'n' Discomix EP 2007) - Messian Dread
This EP carries four different mixes of the same riddim as "Rockers Reasoning". It's a steppers rhythm with some intense snaredrum playing. There's a discomix (Vocal-Dub), and something which we call a Dub 'n' Discomix (dub-vocal-dub). Both come with full lyrical parts. There's also two heavy DUB mixes available on the EP, each with their own particular vibe. The word "maranatha", by the way, incorporates one of the shortest prayers...
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Discomix; Messian Dread; Dub; Dubwise
Downloads: 11,575 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Messian Dread - This Revelation (2 Mix Net Single, 2005) - Messian Dread
Messian Dread's original style of Hardcore DUB has a musical foundation of a very militant drum and bassline. The chord progression has a tense atmosphere and is played by a combination of standard instruments like Piano and Guitar as well as housey Synthesizers and Organs. Mix-wise, the music is apocalyptical. Not everyone can stand it as it is very energetical in an atmosphere of DUBwise Thunder and Lightning! This Revelation (Hardcore DUB) refers to the Book of Revelation or the Apocalypse wh...
Keywords: Reggae; Dubwise; DUB; DigiDUB; Hardcore DUB; Messian Dread; Dubroom
Downloads: 3,082
[audio]No Worry Your Mind (6 Mixes of One Track EP, 2005) - Messian Dread
Straight out of the Dubroom Studio comes this EP with six different mixes of the Messian Dread track "No Worry Your Mind". As a track, "No Worry Your Mind" has been released a couple of years prior to this "six-pack". The original vocal recording and the original bassline are the the only two things left. A completely new riddim was constructed from scratch with a truly full instrumentation over the drum and bass...
Keywords: Reggae; Dubwise; Roots
Downloads: 3,602
[audio]Messian Dread - Salvation (3 Track Dub 'n' Discomix EP) (2007) - Messian Dread
Before the term "Gospel Reggae" was patented on the Internet in order to build a certain subdivision of what is generally called "Christian Industry", the term would refer to Reggae Music created by a Christian with contents expressing that Christian Faith. And in fact, there are still Christian Reggae Artists who would refer to their music as "Gospel Reggae" without actually being part of that Industry...
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Discomix; Messian Dread; Dub; Dubwise
Downloads: 5,828 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]Messian Dread meets Sticksman - DUB Area 51 Break In (Net Single, 2003) - Sticksman, Messian Dread
Dub meets Hip Hop in an earth-quake mix uncovering the foundation which is the drum and the bass. A musical conference with an outcome that will definitely please the hard core DUB and Trip Hop fan to the absolute fulness. This is a collaboration project in which Beatcreator and Vocalist Sticksman provided some loops and vocal licks to Messian Dread, who added some more stuff and turned it all into a heavy DUB tune...
Keywords: Reggae; Roots; Dubroom; Dubmix; Messian Dread; Dub; Dubwise
Downloads: 2,111 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Messian Dread meets Blaminack - Truth and Freedom in DUB (2005 Net Single) - Blaminack, Messian Dread
The sounds of freedom in DUB. Online artist Blaminack provided the drum track for this one, the result is a cool DUB track with a heavy bass and echo's galore. That the two artists came together to produce the DUB, is the direct result of the fact that both artists happen to love Truth and Freedom. The Truth is solid, much more solid than the fattest drum and bassline. The Truth will set you Free! About the DUB Mix: In a combination of old skool Space Echo's and new skool Filters, the instrumen...
Keywords: Reggae; Dubwise; Roots; DUB
Downloads: 5,566
[audio]me_zion_dread_-_rhythm_of_the_spiritual_warrior_discomix_2007 - Me Zion Dread (Messian Dread)
Me Zion Dread (a deeper layer in the name Messian Dread) chanting down Babylon and the Serpent followed by some serious dubbing down of the Dragon in the Name of Yesus Kristos (JAH): Here is six minutes, seven seconds and twenty-one milliseconds of pure spiritual war in a Hardcore Dub style! The music is hard and militant, the echo's are like two-edge swords. The drum and bass are like thunder and lightning, while there is no frequency in the audible spectrum left dry.  Yes, this must be a sp...
Keywords: Me Zion Dread; Messian Dread; Dubroom; Hardcore DUB; Dubroom
Downloads: 2,300
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